Monday, February 21, 2011

Blush-Boudoir: Kind Words: Dayton, Ohio Boudoir Photography


I didn't do the photos for my husband, at least not 100%. He was certainly the one to benefit in a material way, but I was the one to benefit in a much more important way.

To be totally honest about it, I scheduled these b-pics because I was allowing my weight and fertility issues to make me feel less than feminine. I didn't feel sexy... anymore, and it wasn't fair to either of us. So I called, e-mailed a few times, booked the meeting, and when we met... Tracy listened to my story and promised me that I would be happy with what I saw. And still I doubted her. But once the day arrived, the entire experience was hugely enlightening. From walking in, to sitting down for makeup and hair, to the time I walked out, I felt like someone who was worth all of the fuss.

Getting those photos done was a catharsis for me. It was the stripping away of my shame and sadness and hatred of my body. It was the opening of my eyes and the knowledge that I was a WOMAN. By seeing myself that way, I allowed my husband to see me that way again without any reservations. And when the photos came? Stunning. Unbelievable. It turns out that curvy is HOT. Juicy hips and thighs and cleavage are SEXY.

There are still days where I unattractive and not very feminine. But then I get to go home, I get to look at the photos that are hung in our bedroom, and I get to remember what it felt like to really SEE myself for the first time and feel like a siren.

Do it. If you are hesitant, do it. If you can afford to, do it. One way or another, DO IT. It will totally change how you see yourself.


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