Friday, November 12, 2010

{ Blush Featured DMM} Boudoir Photography Ohio

Most of you SHOULD be aware that Dayton has more artistic talent than many cities even two or three times our size, and that talent includes some amazing photographers. We will be featuring many of these amazing Dayton photogs over the coming weeks, starting with this one – Tracy Abston of Pictures By Tracy. Tracy is a friend, and when I first saw her work I knew that I wanted to do a DMM feature on her. Her photography that focuses on portraits, weddings, etc. is amazing in and of itself, and she has many happy clients that rave about their experiences with her. However, it is the ‘other’ type of photography that has helped Tracy make a name for herself – not only in the Dayton Region but in southwest Ohio! Ladies and gents – welcome to the world of Blush Boudoir…

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{Holly Hottness} Blush Boudoir Dayton Ohio

Mom of four small boys...

ang tracy loves

{Pin Up Boudoir} Dayton Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Just got news that a Blush-Boudoir husband is getting one of the Pin Up images inked!!! Hey-Hey!!! I will be doing a photo session with Angie and Matt in Febuary so that I can show it off.


{ABC 22 Blush-Boudoir} Dayton Ohio Boudoir Photographer

ABC 22 Blush-Boudoir

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{40+ is Sexy} Ohio Boudoir Photographer

delma beautiful

The say­ing, “40 is the new 20,” has never been more rel­e­vant as it is today. Women 40+ are sexy, beau­ti­ful, con­fi­dent, estab­lished and com­fort­able in their own bod­ies. They exude a sense of inner strength, and sen­su­al­ity hid­den dur­ing their younger years. At 40+, you do not care what other peo­ple think. You have a great sense of who you are and are able to exhibit this with­out inhi­bi­tions. There is noth­ing to hold you back as in the past. Thus, more women are turn­ing towards Boudoir Pho­tog­ra­phy to cel­e­brate mile­stones and wel­com­ing changes in their lives.

Per­haps you are on your sec­ond career, cel­e­brat­ing a fresh mar­riage or com­mem­o­rat­ing beat­ing health obsta­cles. What­ever it is that has brought forth such pow­er­ful emo­tions ele­vat­ing your self-confidence to a new level at this time of your life should be cap­tured in a boudoir pho­to­graph. It is a reminder of what you have achieved in life. It is a means to hold your­self account­able for the beauty, sex­i­ness, and con­fi­dence that defines you. It is a way to com­mu­ni­cate all of the dif­fer­ent lay­ers that makes up the pow­er­ful woman you are today.

Do not let this time be wasted. Embrace the moment and indulge in a boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy ses­sion today.



Sweet note from this beautiful Blush Client:

Just was talking to my mother and telling her about what a wonderful experience I had with you. You have truly found what you should be doing in life. When I saw the first picture it was true, I didnt believe it was me. What I have seen so far is wonderful. I want to just thank you again for taking so much time with me... and making me feel so special and beautiful. You will always have a special place in my heart.




delteal couch

120 North St. Clair Street
Dayton, OH 45402

{Blush Beauty} Dayton Ohio Boudoir Photographer Blush-Boudoir

Kellie from sunny California came to Dayton Ohio to do her boudoir session, let me just say that she is STUNNING and one of the sweetest girls we have ever met. Within the first few minutes Michelle and I felt like Kellie was an old friend.Kellie recently mailed us about her husbands reaction to his gift. I never get tired of hearing these stories!!!!


kellie (2)

Hey Tracy! So tonight was the night! I gave Chris his anniversary gift! It was kind of a joint birthday/anniversary present so I got him an iPad too! I preloaded my pictures on the iPad and set the lock and home screen to two of my favorite pictures.I gave him the iPad first and told him to turn it on to the second part of his gift.As soon as it turned on, one of my pictures appeared on the screen....and his mouth dropped to the floor! Then I had him scroll through all the pics I uploaded. He was are stunning...oh my did you do should model....look at your are so sexy.... He paused at each picture taking it all in! I have never felt more beautiful or loved! He said it was by far the best gift he has ever gotten and that he will always treasure it! He said that he wanted to show everyone my pics because he was so proud to call me his wife. Ha ha!Seriously Tracy, I can't thank you enough! Just seeing the look on my husband's face was priceless. I am so glad that I finally took these pictures, but even more glad that I found such an amazing photographer! You and Michelle truly have a special way to make people feel beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!Oh and I asked Chris if he would mind if you used some of the pictures and he said he actually didn't mind at all and I would be flattered! :)

kellie (1)

Wow Kellie thank you so much for sharing your husbands responce, it was amazing!!! Thank you for granting us permission to share your beautiful images...



kellie (3)

kellie (5)