Friday, November 12, 2010

{Blush Beauty} Dayton Ohio Boudoir Photographer Blush-Boudoir

Kellie from sunny California came to Dayton Ohio to do her boudoir session, let me just say that she is STUNNING and one of the sweetest girls we have ever met. Within the first few minutes Michelle and I felt like Kellie was an old friend.Kellie recently mailed us about her husbands reaction to his gift. I never get tired of hearing these stories!!!!


kellie (2)

Hey Tracy! So tonight was the night! I gave Chris his anniversary gift! It was kind of a joint birthday/anniversary present so I got him an iPad too! I preloaded my pictures on the iPad and set the lock and home screen to two of my favorite pictures.I gave him the iPad first and told him to turn it on to the second part of his gift.As soon as it turned on, one of my pictures appeared on the screen....and his mouth dropped to the floor! Then I had him scroll through all the pics I uploaded. He was are stunning...oh my did you do should model....look at your are so sexy.... He paused at each picture taking it all in! I have never felt more beautiful or loved! He said it was by far the best gift he has ever gotten and that he will always treasure it! He said that he wanted to show everyone my pics because he was so proud to call me his wife. Ha ha!Seriously Tracy, I can't thank you enough! Just seeing the look on my husband's face was priceless. I am so glad that I finally took these pictures, but even more glad that I found such an amazing photographer! You and Michelle truly have a special way to make people feel beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!Oh and I asked Chris if he would mind if you used some of the pictures and he said he actually didn't mind at all and I would be flattered! :)

kellie (1)

Wow Kellie thank you so much for sharing your husbands responce, it was amazing!!! Thank you for granting us permission to share your beautiful images...



kellie (3)

kellie (5)




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