Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Tracy Abston, owner and your photographer at Blush Boudoir. My story...I have always had a passion for photography and making people feel beautiful. As a wedding photographer, my clients began asking for a intimate images to give their groom. After doing several boudoir sessions and receiving countless cards and emails expressing what an amazing time they had, that they never felt more gorgeous and confident before, how the images brought them to tears and so on. I knew that I was on to something amazing. So I started Blush Boudoir and I really want to encourage other women to have the same experience as so many of my Blush clients. At Blush Boudoir, we feel strongly every woman is absolutely beautiful and we will work with you to find your inner supermodel. We are located in a very chic loft studio in downtown Dayton and are a female staffed.

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